Doktorhatta:Telemedicine Application

Move your healthcare services online!


Online Healthcare Services

With Doktorhatta telemedicine application, you can provide unlimited online healthcare services for your patients. 


Our Features

Doktorhatta telemedicine application will allow you to carry out your telemedicine operations effectively and easily with its unique features.


You can meet with your patients online via video, audio or message.


You can collect the meeting fee via credit card on from Doktorhatta telemedicine application.


Your patients can request an appointment to meet you online.  


You can use our application on all devices and web browsers without any plug-in.


You can determine your consultation fees, duration of meetings and appointments on the application for each doctor.


You can observe your usage data.  

Usage Statistics

The usage of Doktorhatta telemedicine application is increasing day by day with the user satisfaction we provide.


Number of hospitals/clinics using Doktorhatta  


Registered doctors  


Number of meetings


Registered users

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